limited edition vintage key necklaces with search kits


How will I know if I've found the right lock?

Your key will work.

How will YOU know if I've found the right lock?

We won't, unless you tell us.

What happens when I find the right lock?

We have no idea. No one has found their lock yet. We imagine you might have an interesting conversation with whoever owns the thing the lock is attached to.

Can you send me a key that matches a lock near where I live?

Nope. We have no idea where the matching locks are. We only have cryptic clues passed on from our key source, who has collected very odd information about the keys. But, like us, he also has no idea where in the world the matching locks are.

You have no idea where the matching lock is?

That's correct. No idea. That is why we offer our Latchkey Guarantee. We cannot guarantee that you will ever find the matching lock. We only guarantee the adventure of looking for the right lock. We are 99.99999% sure your lock opens something that still exists. So if you really want to find the matching lock, you'd better start talking to a lot of new and interesting people, and start sticking your key in some interesting places.

Won't I look smashing with my charming, mysterious, strange little key hanging around my neck?

Oh, yes. Absolutely.