ORGANUM the game

The following are photos from a demonstration of Organum: The Game v. 1.0 at the Berkeley Institute of Design Open House on May 14, 2004. Organum: The Game is an experiment in collaborative, harmonic play.  It is a project of UC Berkeley's Center for New Media & the Berkeley Institute of Design.

ABOUT GAME PLAY: 3 players sing into 3 different microphones, each of which controls one of 3 different axes (X, Y, Z-space) of movement for a single, shared on-screen avatar navigating a simulated 3-dimensional space.  The players aim their shared avatar at a series of targets.  Players must collaborate to decide which target to approach and sing together to precisely match all three coordinates.   Individual pitch determines location on each axis.  In addition to singing, players can do whatever else is necessary to hit the target: shriek, squeal, grunt, moan, hum, whistle, tag-team off to someone with a lower or higher vocal range.  (Future versions may use variables other than pitch, such as volume, modulation, attack, etc.)  When all of the targets have been hit, a secret 3-D image space is revealed, in connect-the-dots fashion (the targets form the coordinates of the space), which the players can then collaboratively navigate.

ORGANUM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Gregory Niemeyer, Adam Gray, Christine Liu, Jane McGonigal, Dan Perkel, Ryan Shaw, Lorenzo Wang (for the BERKELEY INSTITUTE OF DESIGN).

MORE PHOTOS of the ORGANUM The Game v. 1.0 DEMO:

TEAMS CELEBRATE THEIR SCORES (TIME TO COMPLETE ALL 12 TARGETS OF LEVEL ONE) by posing as their respective axes in front of the display  (X, Y, Z):

MEET THE ORGANUM DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT TEAM, from the Center for New Media @ UC Berkeley and the Berkeley Institute of Design:

Greg Niemeyer, Project Lead. (Departments of Art Practice and Rhetoric, UC Berkeley)

Jane McGonigal, Lead Game Design. (Department of Performance Studies, Alpha Lab for Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, UC Berkeley)

Dan Perkel, Project Manager. (School of Information Management & Systems, UC Berkeley)

Ryan Shaw, Lead Programmer. (School of Information Management & Systems, UC Berkeley)

Adam Gray, Production Assistant. (Department of Art Practice, UC Berkeley)