The Game Studies Download is compiled annually by Jane McGonigal, Ian Bogost, and Mia Consalvo for the Game Developers Conference. It's a summary of the top ten research findings from academic game studies from the previous calendar year. Our main criteria for selecting studies is simple: the direct relevance of the researchers' insights to the future innovation of game design and development.

Game Studies Download 3.0 (Game Developers Conference 2008) Get the 2008 slides ... or, scroll down to see the Top 10 Shadow List!... plus, read "The making of the Top 10 Game Studies List 2008" -- our behind-the-scenes email discussions, in which we present and explain our personal favorites for the list.

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The 2008 "Shadow List" - The Top 10 Research Findings that We Couldn't Fit on our First Top 10 List. Get the 2008 Game Studies Shadow List.